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Why choose clay tempered steel

Katana is the samurai swords that require no introduction. This single-edged long sword is attached with glorious past of samurai warriors who are known to the world for their strength, discipline, and loyalty. Not everyone was worthy of carrying this sword in the past as they were a procession of samurai warriors who were on top in the social system.

Time has changed and samurai warriors have found their place in history. Their swords that were made by expert swordsmith is tended to produce in bulk using stainless steel. But these stainless steel swords have no match with the traditional clay tempered steel katana.



Traditionally samurai swords were made with carbon steel with following the clay tempering method. The clay tempering swords are made with a particular, traditional process for blade reinforcement.


The process includes several steps and some mixtures of different compounds. Every swordsmith has his own formula of the compound mixture and it makes every sword different and sword unique. Clay tempering is an art which every sword maker designs in his own unique manner.


Clay tempered katana
Clay tempering katana are the best swords made by the sword makers. The process of clay tempering gives strength and durability to the sword by making it resistance to the attack. Choosing clay tempered sword is important as this process is the reason behind the strength of katana.


The process of clay tempering is different for different kinds of steel and the process of layering, hardening and tempering is followed on several levels of sword making, depending on the type of steel.


The process of clay tempering is very simple but only a skilled swordsmith can perform it with perfection. It includes rapid heating and cooling of the blade to make it edgy and extremely hard. Clay allows cooling of sword on different levels to allow its spine rigid yet flexible.


Clay tempering also allows katana to be able for absorbing shock given by attack of the enemy.


Clay tempered katana has better edges and strength to defeat the enemy in one stroke. The process of clay tempering is the reason why katana swords have become famous for their strength.